Pilates Online Workout: Choose Free & Paid Classes, Videos

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Ever thought of doing Pilates but couldn’t find a class nearby? Fitt & Strong makes Pilates accessible to everyone, thanks to Jeff Brown and his team. we’re experienced fitness experts and Qualified Pilates Instructors who believe in the power of Pilates to transform lives.

We suggest Pilates for a toned body, weight loss, and helping folks recover from injuries because we love how good it is for you. Knowing that not everyone could get to Pilates classes, we started a website. Now, you can join Pilates sessions from anywhere, like your home or even a hotel room.

Pilates Online Workout free paid classes
Pilates Online Workout: Choose Free & Paid Classes, Videos 2

In this post, you’ll find free online Pilates Workouts For Beginners At Home with no equipment needed. Plus, essential steps to consider when starting your Pilates regimen are shared. It’s everything you need to kickstart your Pilates journey without stepping out of your house.

Enjoy these Free Online Pilates classes on any device – phones, tablets, desktop computers, and even smart TVs. Just navigate to the class, scroll down to the video, and press play. For a full-screen picture, simply click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you’re using a phone or tablet, we recommend placing the device on its side for a larger picture. It makes following along much easier and more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into your Pilates Workout and feel the difference!

3 Free Online Pilates Workout With Videos

Ready To Kickstart Your Pilates Everyday? Let’s dive into some awesome exercises that’ll get your body moving and grooving in no time. Mat Pilates is where it’s at for beginners, and I’ve got just the moves for you.

30 MIN MAT PILATES FULL BODY WORKOUT: At-Home Beginner (No Equipment)

Pilates Class Detail


Class Type

Mat Pilates

Difficulty Level



Nicole McPherson


30 Minutes

This Class Includes:

  • Pilates Breathing Practice
  • Warm-up Stretching
  • Multiple Beginner Mat Pilates Exercises


Pilates Class Detail


Class Type

Reformer Pilates

Difficulty Level



Lilly Sabri


30 Minutes

This Class Includes:

  • Full Body Reformer Pilates Workout
  • Complete the Pilates Reformer Exercise


Pilates Class Detail


Class Type

Classical Pilates

Difficulty Level



Lesley Logan


30 Minutes

This Class Includes:

  • Pilates Bosu Ball Workout
  • The 100
  • The Roll-Up
  • The Roll-Over
  • Wall Sit Workout
  • The Single Leg Circle
  • Rolling Like a Sphere
  • The Single Leg Stretch
  • The Double Leg Stretch
  • The Single Straight Leg Stretch
  • The Double Straight Leg Stretch
  • The Criss-Cross
  • The Spine Stretch Forward
  • The Open Leg Rocker
  • The Corkscrew
  • The Saw
  • The Swan
  • The Single Leg Kick
  • The Double Leg Kick
  • The Thigh Stretch
  • The Neck Pull
  • The High Scissors
  • The High Bicycle
  • The Shoulder Bridge
  • The Spine Twist
  • The Jackknife
  • The Side Leg Kicks
  • The Teaser
  • The Hip Circles
  • The Swimming
  • The Leg Pull
  • The Leg Pull Front
  • The Kneeling Side Kicks
  • The Side Bend
  • The Boomerang
  • The Seal
  • The Crab
  • The Rocking
  • The Control Balance
  • Pilates Push-Ups

Choosing the Right Online Pilates Workout Platform

Alright, let’s chat about finding the perfect spot online for your Pilates journey. With so many options out there, picking the right platform can feel a bit like hunting for treasure in a digital world. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tips to help you find that gem.

First things first, consider what you’re looking for in a workout. Do you want something that feels like a personal training session, or are you after a variety of classes that keep things fresh?

Platforms like Peloton are famous for their high-energy, interactive sessions, while Fitness Blender offers a wide range of workouts with that cozy, at-home vibe.

Next up, let’s talk instructors. A great teacher can make all the difference in keeping you motivated and ensuring you’re doing those tricky Mat or Reformer Pilates moves correctly.

Getting to Know the Instructors

Selecting the appropriate instructor can greatly influence your success. It’s like finding a new friend who knows all about Pilates, from the mat moves to those reformer challenges. You want someone whose style clicks with yours, making every workout feel like a breeze.

Ever thought about who’ll be your guide in the online Pilates world, aside from Fitt and Strong? Your mentor should be someone who doesn’t just give you instructions but also becomes your cheerleader. They should use their expertise to push you and help you become your best self.

Here is a list of famous Pilates Instructors for online workouts:

  • Cassey Ho
  • Lottie Murphy
  • Brooke Siler
  • Alycea Ungaro
  • Jessica Valant
  • Amy Jordan
  • Karen Lord
  • Lisa Hubbard
  • Hollie Grant
  • Jenny Redford

Besides these Pilates instructors, in 2020, Forbes gave Nonna Gleyzer the title of the world’s best Pilates instructor. She stands out because of her incredible skills and natural ability to understand what each person needs.

Gleyzer has helped transform many people with her Pilates training, including famous celebrities and even the well-known entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

Before Starting Know Mat and Reformer Pilates

Diving into Pilates classes can feel like exploring a new city—exciting and a bit overwhelming. You’ve got Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates lighting up the map.

Mat Pilates is super cool for beginners. It’s just you, a mat, and gravity working together. This style focuses on core strength, flexibility, and balance. Perfect to start at home!

Reformer Pilates steps it up with a machine called a reformer. It adds resistance to your workout, making it a bit more challenging and fun. Great for building muscle and precision in your moves!

Online Pilates Classes: Free And Paid Options

Besides Fitt & Strong, there are other platforms like Pilates Anytime, Online Pilates Classes, and Pilates Live where you can find great Pilates videos and workouts. But, you’ll only get some free guidance there.

For the full experience, you’ll need to pay for a monthly subscription. However, my website offers the latest and trending Pilates information for free to everyone worldwide, with no fees or subscriptions needed.

Online Paid Classes

If you’re leaning towards paid online Pilates classes, there are some good platforms to consider, such as:

  • Alomoves
  • Betterme
  • Glo
  • Pilates Anytime
  • YMCA Pilates

These Classes & Apps are great if you’re looking to invest in your Pilates journey.

Online Free Classes

If you’re just starting and not ready to spend money yet, and you’re eager to try new and advanced Pilates moves at home, then learning from various instructors is ideal. Each one brings their special skills and qualities. When you mix all their knowledge, you will get an amazing Pilates experience and learn a lot.

Here are the Best YouTube Pilates Channels For Beginners:

Channel Name


Unique Attributes

Most Popular Video


Move With Nicole


meticulously crafted workout, innovative sequences, every muscle group

30 Min Full Body Workout




vibrant energy, expert instruction, igniting a passion for Pilates

Disney Princesses Try Working Out…


Eleni Fit


energetic and easy-to-follow exercises, suitable for every fitness stage, and mental refreshment

30 min SMAll WAIST + ABS


Jessica Valant Pilates


holistic approach to wellness, charismatic and down-to-earth demeanor

Knee Pain Exercises – Physical Therapy For Knee Pain


Pilates Anytime


extensive library, diverse instructors, meticulous attention to detail

Pilates For Older Women


The Girl With The Pilates Mat


warmth, encouragement, deep practice understanding

Standing Pilates for Seniors


Lilly Sabri


fitness, positivity, mindfulness, precision, and technique

LOSE FAT in 7 days


Shirlyn Kim


slim and tone workouts, inspired by K-pop stars, nutrition tips

10-Minute Complete Body Exercise For a K-pop Star Figure, Lose Weight at Home Without any Gear


Trifecta Pilates


invigorating mat workouts, sessions for mental and physical well-being

Pilates Wall legs and Abs Workout


Lottie Murphy


over 10 years teaching, variety of routines for all Pilates lovers

15 Minute Everyday Pilates Abs and Core


Based on the latest 2024 data, analyzing the popularity and views of these top YouTube Pilates channels, along with their unique attributes for Pilates workouts, you can easily determine which channel aligns best with your fitness journey.

Choose the one that resonates with your goals and preferences for an inspired and holistic approach to wellness.

Final Words

Diving straight into the essence of Pilates, we uncover a world where free and paid classes coexist, offering beginners and advanced practitioners alike a way to enhance their fitness and well-being.

Pilates transcends being just an exercise; it’s an avenue for personal transformation, blending mental and physical health in every session. Your choice, whether streaming a beginner’s class on your phone or engaging in a detailed reformer workout, significantly impacts your journey towards wellness.

Remember, the most impactful routine is one that resonates with your inner self, keeps you engaged, and aligns with your daily life. So, make your move; choose the path that inspires you to embrace Pilates, and experience its life-altering benefits firsthand.

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