What Should I Wear For First-Time Pilates Class: Outfits Tips For Beginner

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Choosing the right attire for your first Pilates class can feel both exciting and daunting. The key is comfort and flexibility. Wearing fitted clothing that allows freedom of movement is essential for a Successful Pilates Experience. Supportive undergarments and practical accessories will also enhance your comfort.

Footwear is often overlooked but plays a significant role. Grip socks offer stability and assurance, especially during dynamic movements. They help you maintain balance and confidence throughout the session, a small but crucial detail for beginners.

Remember, the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in your chosen outfit cannot be overstated. Your clothing should not distract from the Pilates Exercises but rather support your body’s needs. Selecting the appropriate attire is your first step towards mastering Pilates.

In my first Pilates Online Class, I quickly realized the significance of wearing appropriate clothing. It was not just about looking good; it was about feeling good. The right outfit made all the difference, providing me with the confidence and assurance I needed to fully engage in the exercise.

This guide is your introduction to selecting the perfect Pilates attire. It’s crafted from personal experience and designed to guide you through choosing an outfit that meets all your needs. With these essentials in mind, Stepping into the Studio for the first time will feel less intimidating.

What To Wear in Pilates Class

Even though I’m a Fitness & Pilates Instructor myself and understand that a better outfit can totally change the workout experience, I started from somewhere too. Initially, I knew that exercise is best done in sportswear.

But, there’s a difference between normal exercise and Pilates. When I attended my first Pilates class at Club Pilates Hackensack, I realized that the studio and members give importance to Essential Pilates Attire. Especially, they don’t allow you to do reformer Pilates without grip socks; if you don’t have them, you’re required to buy them there.

Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates are Two Different Types of Pilates, and the physical challenge they offer is unique, even if you exercise throughout the year. Whether it’s summer or winter, I’ll tell you how complete Pilates wear can make you look no less than Hailey Bieber.

7 Must-Have Pilates Outfits for Your Next Session

Getting ready for Pilates? Picking the right gear is key, especially for women. It’s all about not feeling self-conscious and being comfy enough to move freely, making your workout as good as it gets.

Here’s your go-to for the perfect mix of chic and practical Pilates wear!

  • Fitted Top
  • Comfy Tank Top
  • The Sports Bra
  • One-Piece Jumpsuit
  • Stretchable Workout Legging
  • Active Wear Workout Shorts

Choosing The Right Tops

Choosing the right top for Pilates is super important. Even though Pilates is a low-impact workout, a good instructor can still make you sweat a lot in just your first session, especially from your upper body and head. Sweat can make your clothes stick to your body, which might irritate you and mess with your moves.

To avoid this, picking the right top is crucial. Your best choices are fitted tops, comfy tanks, or sports bras. And if these are made from super sports fabrics like Spandex, Gore-Tex, or polyester blends, you’re in for a sweat-free and energetic Pilates session. These materials keep odors away and let you move freely and comfortably.

People usually want outfits that feel good and perform well for Pilates, but they also want to look stylish. A study found that students with a background in textiles and sports education care just as much about technical details as they do about how their sportswear looks.

This tip can help us pick better Pilates wear by focusing on both function and fashion, ensuring our outfits are just right for our next workout. Keep these points in mind for a balanced, effective, and stylish Pilates outfit choice.

Selecting The Perfect Bottoms

When it comes to bottoms for Pilates, stretchable workout leggings or active wear shorts are your go-to choices. These options offer flexibility and comfort, making your workout session more effective. Curious to try them out? They might just be the perfect fit for you!

Jumpsuits And Unitards

Choosing jumpsuits and unitards for Pilates means no more fuss with shirts or sports bras riding up. They streamline your look and keep everything in place. Rhodes and Gutgold, Pilates experts, swear by them for visibility and comfort. They recommend LOVESOFT Sleeveless Bodysuit unitard for its butter-like feel on your body, calling it perfection.

 jumpsuits and unitards for Pilates wear
What Should I Wear For First-Time Pilates Class: Outfits Tips For Beginner 3

Alo Airbrush Real onesie is another solid pick, praised by Gutgold. Its racer back design is not just amazing but functional too, offering a built-in bra that’s both supportive and comes with removable cups for that extra oomph.

Opting for jumpsuits, unitards, or onesies can simplify your Pilates attire choices, providing ease of movement without worrying about shirts or sports bras riding up during exercises.

These pieces combine functionality with style, making them a great option for anyone looking to streamline their workout wardrobe while ensuring they have the support and coverage needed for a successful Pilates session.

Beyond Clothing Essential Accessories & Tips

When preparing for your first Pilates class, your outfit isn’t just about the main pieces of clothing. Accessories and additional considerations play a significant role in ensuring your session is as comfortable and effective as possible.

  • Minimal Jewelry: It’s best to keep jewelry to a minimum. Why? Because large earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can get in the way, potentially causing discomfort or injury. Plus, you wouldn’t want to damage your favorite pieces during a workout.
  • Hair Ties and Headbands: Keeping your hair out of your face is crucial. A headband can be a stylish and practical solution, especially for those with shorter hair that a hair tie can’t hold back. This simple accessory helps maintain focus and prevents distractions from stray strands during concentration-heavy exercises.
  • Barefoot or Socks: Many Pilates enthusiasts prefer being barefoot to enhance their grip and balance on the mat. However, if the idea of going shoeless doesn’t appeal to you, invest in non-slip socks. These provide extra grip, ensuring stability during your exercises, a must-have for reformer classes.
  • Fragrance Considerations: While a bit of fragrance may make you feel more confident, it’s polite to use it sparingly. Intense scents can be overwhelming in a close studio setting, potentially distracting or even bothering other participants.
  • Dressing for the Season: Your comfort is key, so adapt your attire to the winter and summer months. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are your friend in the summer, while layers that can be easily removed will keep you warm before and after class in the winter.

Pilates Wear for Older Ladies

Choosing Pilates wear for older ladies combines comfort with style, ensuring movements are easy and confidence is high. Supportive sports bras, high-cut pants with pockets, and mesh tops for extra coverage are key pieces for older ladies.

Pilates wear for older ladies
What Should I Wear For First-Time Pilates Class: Outfits Tips For Beginner 4

Each item is designed to provide support, coverage, and flattering silhouettes for all body types, emphasizing functionality and aesthetic appeal.

For Pilates classes, it’s crucial to have attire that feels good and looks good. Clothes that fit well and offer the right support can make a big difference in your Pilates experience. Thoughtful design details in activewear can help older women feel confident and stylish. Pieces that elongate the body, cover concern areas, and provide extra coverage where needed are ideal.

Pilates wear for older ladies should include:

  • Supportive Sports Bras: To keep everything in place and offer extra coverage.
  • High-Cut Pants with Pockets: For a flattering silhouette and practicality.
  • Mesh Tops: To cover the midsection without sacrificing style or comfort.
  • Leggings with Strategic Cuts: To elongate and flatter the body.
  • Lightweight Layers: For versatility in different class settings.

What Do Men Wear For Pilates

For men attending their first Pilates class, huh? Let me share a bit of what I’ve learned over the years as a Pilates expert.

When it comes to what guys should wear, comfort and functionality are key. You want clothes that move with you but also let your instructor see how your body’s aligning.

Attire Category


Form-Fitting Tops

A slim-fit shirt or tank top allows free movement and doesn’t get in the way during Pilates exercises.

Compression Shorts/Leggings

Men can wear compression shorts under regular gym shorts for additional support. Compression pants or leggings are also great for checking your form during the exercise.

Grip Socks or Bare Feet

Proper footwear is crucial. Grip socks provide stability on the equipment, while going barefoot is also an option for better traction on the mat.

Why Clothes Matter in All Types of Pilates Classes

When choosing what to wear for Pilates, it’s important to consider the type of class you’re attending because each one has different demands. Mat Pilates requires clothing that fits closely so instructors can observe your form. For Reformer Pilates, where machines are used, stretchy clothes that stay in place, along with grip socks, are essential for safety and ease of movement.

In Cadillac and Wunda Chair classes, where exercises can involve a range of positions including inverted, it’s crucial that your attire is secure and won’t shift or expose more than you’re comfortable with. Similarly, attire should support the activity without restricting movement.

Other Pilates forms like Tower Pilates also emphasize the need for fitting clothes that allow for a full range of motion and support the body’s interaction with the equipment.


Which Pilates Apparel Brand Should I Wear?

Celebrities and trainers often suggest brands such as Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Beyond Yoga, Athleta, Lorna Jane, and Free People for Pilates wear. These brands stand out for their long-lasting quality, fashionable designs, comfort, and eco-friendly practices.

What To Wear To Pilates Reformer

To do Pilates Reformer exercises comfortably and confidently, you can wear fitted tops with extra coverage, sports bras, high-waist leggings, or jumpsuits. They’re not too tight or loose for your body. While being barefoot is fine, wearing grip socks is best for hygiene and extra stability.

Do You Wear Shoes For Pilates

Studios and instructors typically advise against wearing shoes for Pilates to ensure better grip and stability, enhance proprioception, address hygiene concerns, protect equipment, and support natural foot mechanics. This is why going barefoot or wearing grip socks is encouraged for Pilates classes.

Final Words

Stepping into your first Pilates class can bring a mix of excitement and nerves, but choosing the right attire shouldn’t add to your stress. As we’ve explored, the perfect Pilates outfit marries comfort with functionality, allowing you to focus fully on mastering those movements.

From the supportive embrace of a well-fitted sports bra to the liberating stretch of high-waist leggings, each piece of your attire plays a crucial role. And let’s not forget the magic of grip socks for that extra stability and confidence boost.

Remember, the right outfit not only enhances your Pilates experience but also supports your journey towards becoming a more confident and centered you.

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